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SUGGEST | English common errors | Grammar lesson with GRAMMAR MAN

Have you ever struggled with the verb 'to suggest' in English? The majority of new English learners use 'suggest' incorrectly.

Watch this video to find out how to use 'suggest' in the correct way - easy, simple and quick.

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Raja Babu : "Nancy suggested we go to the beach." Is this correct?
ADAM ERKMEN : well thx for the video m8. Im a native myself and just realised ive been making the same mistake like"I suggest you to take a painkiller etc.." shame on me lol :)
Learn English with Grammar Man : Thanks Fayaz! It‘s great to hear positive feedback like this :)
Fayaz Ahmed : Thanks a lot .... that's really helpful!!:)

ADVANCED English Grammar: How to use SUGGEST & RECOMMEND

Even many advanced English students don't know how to use "suggest" and "recommend" properly. In this video I explain the three main structures that are used with these verbs. I also quickly look at the present subjunctive mood in English.

Don't forget to turn on the subtitles if you need them!

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Advanced English Grammar
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English with Max : Spread the love! Help more people understand this lesson by contributing subtitles in your own language here:
S1QuanA : I find this so cool
rehmat khan : You are so calm and relaxed when you give a lecture! I would definitely recommend your videos to my friends
O Magno Peralta : It's the first time I see a video from your channel and it was... amazing!. One subscriber more. <3
doumane hicham : My gratitude Max , it was confusing for me
bzhar assad : I reccomend that you take a deep breath.
What do you recommend to learn more about English?
an U : I suggest a cup of warm milk. I suggest taking a longer break. I recommend tablets to him. I suggested kissing him. I suggest not break up with him. I recommended a romantic movie to you. I suggest that she focus more on studying, not shopping. I suggest that she save money instead. I recommend a beautiful shopping mall to get.
Valeriy Маximenko : such a beautiful lady.
Taoufiq Leuleu : Thanks a million.
Tariq Haddad : Question after your permission, what is the point of using take and not takes after he

How to use the verb 'Suggest' correctly? English Grammar Lesson ( ESL)

How to use thew verb 'Suggest' correctly? English Grammar Lesson ( ESL)

It's a common problem that with English learners: a lot of people use the word "suggest" incorrectly. In this video lesson Niharika explains how you should use it.

The thing to remember is that you suggest an idea, not the person that you're making your suggestion to. In other words, this is incorrect:

I suggest you to apply for a job there. ( wrong)

Instead, say one of these:
I suggest applying for a job there.
I suggest that you apply for a job there.

You may also hear sentences that are similar to the last one, but without "that":
I suggest you apply for a job there.

In this sentence, it may seem like you're suggesting a person instead of an idea. But if you examine it more closely, you're suggesting the complete idea that "you apply for a job there":

I suggest (you apply for a job there).
One other thing to remember: don't use "to" after suggest: I suggest to apply for a job there.

Here are some other examples which use "suggest" correctly:

I would suggest waiting a few more weeks.
He suggested I give you a call.
Didn't you suggest bringing in a consulting firm?
So do you suggest that we go forward with the surgery?
Now that you know how to use "suggest", here's a bonus tip: the word "recommend" works exactly the same way!
Ashwini Ash : Is it possible to say Suggest her or him?
Amit talukdar : You in your video teach the correct use of the verb suggest and aslo mention that this verb form is never followed by personal objects like me, you, us etc. but I took a notice of you where in the middle of the video you said that "petter has suggested us " which according to using this verb suggest is incorrect. With all due respect, don't you think you're creating confusion here? I'll be so keen on learning your view on my question.
Raja Babu : I am sorry to say this but, your first sentence is wrong. It has to be "I hope you suggest a good restaurant to us"
SAKE NIKITHA : Can I say "can u suggest spicy Chinese dishes to us"
코스모스 : Youre so cute
Meme Lesardi : Can the first one go like this:
"I hope you suggest a good Chinese restaurant to us"...???
moh khan : Halo here for info has work at all wright zone under feelings sweet
John Lozano : Excellente video , thanks so much ‍♂️
rozi Ali : Aap bahut achhi english bolti ho mam
Sara Rose : Thank you for your amazing lessons! I've got a question. How about saying a negative sentence with the that clause? I suggest that you *don't eat fastfood? I've learned that we should use the base form of verb after suggest. Then is this correct?: I suggest that she don't eat fastfood. ?!




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