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School of Rock - Rock Got No Reason

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Ean GS Yerbic : I say that Jack Black was a great actor in this movie and all his movies
Presley Burns : this is literally jack blacks BEST movie. i want a video of him singing highway to hell. AHAHA!
james mitchell : Jack Black....nuff said
Ariasenagms : Angus style
Leo Schuehle : This is one of the best movie scenes of all time
Eduardo Mariano : That organ arrangement in the intro is beautiful!
Helen Little : I love this
Adam Miller : I love this film
advirthu lyihn : 一人完全にシドヴィシャスw
川畑涼平 : マルタ懐かしいな

School of Rock - classroom leadership

Ybxrds : a science project?!?!?! NO!
Harley Hoffman : after I seen this at the theaters back when I was 9 years old
it made me pick up a guitar
been playing ever since

Just Some Guy With a Fiery Attitude : It's Jablinski Games guys
Arty Munoz : Honestly. Miranda Cosgrove is a really good actress
In school of Rock. I saw Summer
In Drake and Josh I saw Megan
And in Icarly I saw Carly.
Jin Nah : "that's bad its like George of the jungle" the one time Tarzan wasn't used as an example XD
Emilio Vazquez Reyes : did jack black just teach a group of kids 0-3-5 ?
Blackrb123 Ryan : I wish rock band was a real school project
Celenita Arteaga : I do not speak English
AMG Bretheren : One of the best scenes of all time
Flynn Carter : Omg coming back knowing every single song and reference makes this legendary film even better

School of Rock Atlanta House Band performs “Lithium” by Nirvana

Nirvana's "Lithium" as performed by the School of Rock Atlanta House Band.

Lead vocals: Grace
Guitars: Robert \u0026 Isaac
Bass: Jai
Drums: Cian

House Band Director: Maggie Schneider
Video Edited by Isaac
Audio Recorded and Mixed by Alex Downtain (Homegrown Studios)
Filmed by Ari Patwary, safely and socially-distant.


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Sheila collins : Take those masks off!!!...we are still a country of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!! Kurt C. would have rebelled against this tyranny.
Sounds good nevertheless.
humberto flores : Show muito talentosos. geniais.
alm3333 : 7 of y'all need to go watch this:

Then come back and watch this video again.
alm3333 : Wow! They're really good!
R W : Sounds like a kids bop version
Simstar 247 : I can’t tell but I can hear very mild auto tune on her voice
Fredrick Rancour : Well done across the board!
Maty Hurlingham : Saludos,desde Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Cletus McFetus : Good sound. Good voice. But very difficult vocals to mimic. Kurt's, and so far only Kurt's, vocals on any of their songs works. Anything else just sounds off, IMO. But I always respect those that try anyway. Except for Puddle of Dumb. They're just awful.




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